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Mirror and Flowers

Meet Sailor Jupiter


True Identity:

Makoto Kino

Lita Kino [DiC]

Secret Talent:

Ice Skating

Blood Type:

Type O

Date of Birth:

December 5th - Sagittarius

Sailor Jupiter Says

Making this page is really fun! I'm having such a great time going through old pictures of me and the girls. Do you guys like the one I found of Serena eyeing my lunch? It might sound annoying, but I secretly really love that she's always asking for my food. Showing love through cooking is one of my passions!

I also love gardening, but there's not much time for that these days. Being Sailor Jupiter takes up a lot of my time, plus a girls gotta have a social life! There will be time for settling down later after all the dust has settled. For now, it's full power ahead!


The Jupiter Time Line

Silver Millenium

Present Day Tokyo

Crystal Tokyo

I used to spend hours and hours ice skating at the Palace rink back in those days. When I wasn't at the palace, I stayed on Jupiter in Io Castle. Times were more peaceful back then, but I prefer my life today in Tokyo much more. I know one day I'll get married to a handsome man and start a family.

I have so many passions, sometimes it's even hard for me to keep up! I love to do all kinds of things around the house like cooking, cleaning, and tending to my several house plants. But I also spend a lot of time training my body and mind for battle. Watch out!

I hope to have lived out my dreams by this time. Something tells me we won't be quite as busy in the future as the King and Queen made things seem. Aren't we taking Chibiusa off their hands quite a lot these days? That should free us all up enough to have some fun!


Jupiter Media

I have so many fun secrets to share with you, I really can't wait to get started on this part! Did you know my favorite foods are cherry pie and meat loaf ? What about my trademark earrings? Did you know they're scented? I was told to make this part super juicy, so here goes nothing!

Huh? Hang on, my communicator is going off.


What is it, Usagi? A Daimon, but we defeated the Death Busters already. I'm on my way.

Sounds like this is serious, we might need your help. Yes you, what are you waiting for?


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