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Abstract Bird's Nest

Meet Sailor Mars


True Identity:

Rei Hino

Raye Hino [DiC]

Celestial Guardians:

Phobos and Deimos

Blood Type:

Type AB

Date of Birth:

April 17th - Aries

Sailor Mars Says

Normally I might think something like this would be a waste of time, but I can see the value in it. Perhaps this can help make my dreams come true some day. Babysitting Sailor Moon and the others is fun and all, but I have goals and aspirations too!


If you know me from television, you might think of me as abrasive with a quick temper. But if you've read my history, you'll know there's much more to me than that. I'll be sure to include every nuance of myself on this page to help clear up any nasty rumors that may be circulating around about me. Just don't let Yuichiro find it, he'll never give me a moment's peace.


The Mars Time Line

Silver Millenium

Present Day Tokyo

Crystal Tokyo

In my past life, I was Princess of the planet Mars and guardian of the Moon Princess. Sometimes I think I would have been happier had things stayed as they were then. Whenever I wasn't busy tending to the Princess I resided in Phobos and Deimos Castle.I sometimes yearn for the tranquility of these days.

What's important to me today, as Rei Hino? I guess that depends on how you know me. On television, you've probably heard that I want to become famous and successful one day. Really though, I think a fast life might not suit me as much as I might think. For now I'll just focus on myself and our mission. Maybe Yuichiro, too.

I know I'll be doing most of the important work around the Castle already. I can feel future Neo Queen Serenity ignoring her duties as I'm typing this. I don't mind, though. It will all be worth it by then, after everything we've been through. Usagi will deserve a rest.


Mars Media

Listen, you'll get these sections when you get them. Protecting Sailor Moon is more than a full time job, okay? You try keeping obsessed Dark Princes and endless oceans of monsters and jealous magical witches away from someone who can barely walk and chew gum at the same time. It's not as easy as it looks!

Maybe I'll get Ami to do it... Until then, watch this. I look pretty cool here. No crying!

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