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Meet Sailor Mercury


True Identity:

Ami Mizuno

Amy Anderson [DiC]

Favorite Food:


Blood Type:

Type A

Date of Birth:

September 10th - Virgo

Sailor Mercury Says

The name on my Student I.D. is Ami Mizuno, but you might also know me as Sailor Mercury. It's not really in my nature to share images and videos about myself with a lot of people, but this seems important. Usagi-chan chose my profile image, I didn't know what to put there myself. She says it's a good memory.

I'll include anything you might want to know about me on this page. Have you heard? Several people made something called Anime Music Videos about me in the late 90s to a song called Blue by Eiffel 65. I was so flattered. Be sure not to spend all your time looking at things like this, though. Doing something good for yourself like reading a book, taking a nice walk outside, or of course studying should always come first!


The Mercury Time Line

Silver Millenium

Present Day Tokyo

Crystal Tokyo

Before becoming guardian to Princess Serena, I was once a Princess of my own planet - Mercury. I lived there in Mariner Castle, and some say I was once close to an Earth General named Zoicite. I find that hard to believe after all that's transpired now, but memories of this time are hard for me to recall.

Today, I go by Ami Mizuno. It's the life I am most familiar with, and I have Earthly dreams and passions as do all the others. I wish to grow up and become a great Doctor some day in addition to my duties protecting Sailor Moon and the people of Earth. The first time I transformed, I shouted the phrase Mercury Power Make Up!

By this time, I hope I'll have a better handle on my emotions. Sometimes, I can let my mind get the better of me and it puts me in a dark place. I know in Crystal Tokyo, I'll be so busy with Neo Queen Serenity and Princess Rini that there will be no time for such nonsense.


Mercury Media

I will do my best to organize everything neatly into the appropriate sections below. I know many of you will be interested in the various types of media I'll be compiling for you over the next few months. Please do be patient, leading Study Buddies can be a full time job. Especially when the girls are fighting. Oh, if you're disappointed there's nothing here yet perhaps you could check out a book? I love to read while taking a bath.

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