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Water Foam

Meet Sailor Neptune


True Identity:

Michuru Kaioh

Michelle Kaioh [CWi]

Special Talents:

Violin - Painting - Oceanic Divination

Blood Type:

Type O

Date of Birth:

March 6th - Pisces

Sailor Neptune Says

Haruka and I used to attend Infinity Academy, but ever since it got shut down we've been raising baby Hotaru together. Life as a small family has been nice, but new enemies are always on the horizon. I know this won't last forever.

You'll find records of my abilities and talents below, as well as my history and some additional media I simply thought you would enjoy.

I can hear the Ocean calling now, her voice is aching with the weight of something approaching this dimension. If you listen closely, you can hear it too. If you hold a shell up to your ear, her message is amplified. Don't worry, whatever it is we'll get through it together.


The Neptune Time Line

Silver Millenium

Present Day Tokyo

Uranus and I were the ultimate pair back then, defending our Solar System from invasion together. It wasn't until after the Silver Millenium was destroyed that Sailor Saturn would join us in this endeavor. Painting on my balcony at Triton Castle was always the best. If I close my eyes, sometimes I can still hear the roaring oceans of Neptune.

Being a famous Violinist has truly been a dream come true for me, but it didn't come easy. Years and years of hard work spent perfecting my craft, a fortune spent on the best instruction, and of course choosing and maintaining the perfect instrument for me. I have other dreams aside from music, of course.  I dream of a time that Haruka and I can live a peaceful life together without the weight of an eternal war, but I must accept my reality for what it is.

Crystal Tokyo

I suspect Uranus, Pluto, and myself will make plenty of visits to the castle. It'll be impossible not to visit everyone after all that's happened - especially the little ones. However, the future is never certain. What we are so sure will come to be may look completely different when it comes to fruition. Remember to enjoy every day of your journey, and not to get too lost in dreams of a perfect future.


Neptune Media

Whenever someone puts together a gallery of this quality, it takes time. Don't worry, your patience will be rewarded in the future. It always is . . .

As you all know, one of my many passions is music. Since the sections below aren't in order quite yet, why don't I take this opportunity to share some of my favorite pieces with you. Would you like to listen?


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