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Stained Glass Lanterns

Meet Sailor Saturn


True Identity:

Hotaru Tomoe

Alter Ego:

Mistress 9

Blood Type:

Type AB

Date of Birth:

January 6th - Capricorn

Sailor Saturn Says

I guess people might want to know more about me, for some reason? I'm sure there's a purpose to all of this. If Chibi Usa can do it, then so can I. I'll just treat collecting the media for this page the same way I treat collecting lamps and decorations for my bedroom. Slow and steady, and with great care.

I used to live with my dad and his assistant Kaorinite, but after meeting Chibi Usa my entire world changed. I don't remember too much about the end of things, but I've heard I nearly brought about the end of the world. That's what my power is for, though.





The Saturn Time Line

Silver Millennium

Present Day Tokyo

Crystal Tokyo

My role during this time was yet to be determined, and thus I was not awakened until after Moon Kingdom had been destroyed. After that, I joined Uranus and Neptune in defending our solar system from outside invasion.

This time of my life has been pretty incredible. You wouldn't even believe it, but I've already lived one life here already, having been reborn once more. It's quite a lot to think about sometimes, but I try not to worry my mind on such things. I've learned so much in such a short amount of time, I really have no clue what to expect for my future. Do you?

My role in the time is a bit unclear as of now. You'd have to be able to consult a God or something of that nature to get the real answers. I imagine that Uranus, Neptune, and myself will return to the Outer Solar System, guarding us from invasion once more. But truly, I haven't a clue.


Saturn Media

Below should be everything you could ever need about me, including all of my various incarnations. Some people might think I would be embarrassed to talk about such a past, but it's true what they say. The hard part makes you stronger.

I know the world seems like it's steeped in chaos, and you might be right about that. But you have to remember, with out the bad the good would mean nothing.

Allow me to give you  a glimpse into another world, where things are nothing like they are here.


Sometimes, if you look around you'll find you're exactly where you're meant to be.

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