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Red Fabric Waves

Meet Tuxedo Mask


True Identity:

Mamoru Chibia

Darien Shields [DiC]

Favorite Food:

Usagi's Curry

Blood Type:

Type A

Date of Birth:

August 3rd - Leo

Tuxedo Mask Says

My name is Mamoru Chibia, but you probably know me better as Tuxedo Mask. Prince Endymion when things get serious. I really don't have time to be making one of these things, but it seems important to the girls so here goes nothing.

I'll try to put everything you could ever want to know about me on this page. I'll be sure to include links to videos, media, and some of my favorite fan-art. You should see some of the things people draw of me. Just, don't show Usako.

Tux out.


The Earth Time Line

Silver Millenium

Present Day Tokyo

Crystal Tokyo

Now that I've gotten my memories back, this time feels like just yesterday. I was Prince Endymion, and Princess Serenity and I had just sworn our love for one another at the palace before Queen Beryl attacked. Times were different then, but looking back is only useful in small doses.

In this life, my name is Mamoru Chibia. I hold up a red rose to transform into Tuxedo Mask, and somehow always manage to show up just at the right moment when Sailor Moon and the others need me. My weapons of choice are the classic Red Rose and my Tuxedo Cane.

In the future, I'll become King of Crystal Tokyo alongside Usako. She'll be Neo Queen Serenity by then, and I'll be called King Endymion. I never really thought purple would be my color, but who knows what's going to happen between now and then. Time-travel babysitting is the best.


Tuxedo Media

Below is my Media section. I was told I had to fill this in at some point, but you're just going to have to be patient. I'm very busy studying much of the time, when I'm not throwing roses and saving Sailors. Don't worry, I'll get to it soon. In the mean time, can you check and see if Usako ran off to the Arcade again? We've got a date tonight.

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