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Blue Skies

Meet Sailor Uranus


True Identity:

Haruka Tenoh

Amara Tenoh [CWi]

Special Talents:

Piano - Track & Field - Stunt Driving

Blood Type:

Type B

Date of Birth:

January 27th - Aquarius

Sailor Uranus Says

Haruka Tenoh is my name, but since we're not on a first name basis you really shouldn't be using it. This is the page dedicated to all things Sailor Uranus, the soldier of Wind. I've heard a lot of people say my element is Earth, but that's just a rumor.

Speaking of rumors, I think it's time we clear something up. Michuru and I are not cousins. We just played cousins on TV in the 90s because of strict censorship laws in Canada, where the show was filmed. But seriously you guys, the past is in the past and in the reboot everyone got to see the truth.

Remember that time when we almost won a love contest, but then we had to drop out? Wasn't some awkward little dude with big glasses the Heart Snatchers target that day? It's hard to keep track, we've saved so many people by now.

I'd better get going, it sounds like Usagi got a hold of Michuru's violin again. Be respectful in the comments, remember - I have a sword.


The Uranus Time Line

Silver Millenium

Present Day Tokyo

Crystal Tokyo

I spent my time in Miranda Castle these days, defending the Soloar System from outside invasion alongside Neptune, Saturn, and sometimes Pluto. It might sound like a lonely existence, but Neptune and I have always needed little else besides one another. Sometimes, I miss the times when my days consisted purely of love and battle.

Haruka Tenoh is a runner, a pianist, a professional race car driver. Most importantly she, or I guess I should say I, am Sailor Uranus. Unlike some of the younger girls, I've already begun to live out my childhood dreams. Sure, I got there while running from my destiny, but all things even out in the end. Meet me at the track for a race, if you're not scared of losing.

To get to a future as peaceful as this, times will have to get very very dark first. I don't know exactly what that will look like, but you can bet I'm ready for it. After all we've been through, nothing scares me anymore. As long as I have Neptune by my side, I know we're unstoppable.


Uranus Media

I get that you guys want to go through all this stuff right away, but we're a bit busy fighting off some enemies that just don't want to stay down. You know, you could do something useful instead of just sitting there complaining about how these sections are incomplete.

Haven't you figured it out by now? You're a Sailor Scout too. We all are. Destiny is calling. Will you answer?

Face Your Destiny

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