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Heart Shape Soap Bubbles

Meet Sailor Venus


True Identity:

Minako Aino

Mina Aino [DiC]

Celestial Guardian:


Blood Type:

Type B

Date of Birth:

October 22nd - Libra

Sailor Venus Says

I've always wanted a page like this that's only about me! Well, me and Artemis anyway. On this page I'll tell you everything you could ever want to know about the Super Idol Minako! Sailor Venus and Sailor V too, since I know that's probably why most of you are here.

Don't I look so brooding and moody in my profile picture? I chose that one to show off my stellar acting abilities just in case any Hollywood agents find this page. Did you know that I was actually on the scene before Sailor Moon? Only then I went by Sailor V. What about the fact that I'm not only an incredible model, actress, singer, and dancer, but also an all-star volley ball player? For all the gossip, just look at the sections below.  Bye now!


The Venus Time Line

Silver Millenium

Present Day Tokyo

Crystal Tokyo

I was the leader when it came to those of us who guarded the Princess and the Moon Kingdom at large. Things were easier for almost everyone back then. Some of you might already know that there are rumors about Kunzite and myself, and I'm here to tell you they are 100%...true! Can you believe it!? But all that was so long ago, it doesn't even matter anymore. Not really.

It should be obvious what my dreams are by now, so I'm not going to tell you about them again here. Instead, I'm going to tell you about how I live in Shibia Park, or how I cannot stand shiitake mushrooms! My favorite foods? ramen, pot stickers, and curry! Did you know I used to fight crime in England under the Code Name Sailor V?

Something tells me with Neo Queen Serenity having more important duties, I'll be leading the Scouts again. That means I'd better live out my dreams of being a pop sensation while I still can, huh? Things are going to start heating up quick! I can feel it.


Venus Media

You came here for entertainment? Well, you're about to get it! And from none other than the super talented and incredibly famous teen idol, Minako herself! Well, okay it's not exactly finished yet, but you came here for something fun so that's what you're gonna get.

Just, give me one second to get my boom box set up. Artemis get over here!

...      .   #*!@$  ... No.. ...and like that....err...yes, voila! Just hit play when you're ready!


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