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Become A Sponsor

Are you a company or individual interested in becoming an official sponsor of Moon Star: A Sailor Moon Podcast? In the name of the Moon...thank you for the support!


Sponsors make it possible for Moon Star to keep on keepin' on in several many ways, including but not limited to:

- Adding additional credibility to the show, useful for when we are reaching out to professional guests.

- Providing mutually beneficial exposure for one another.

- Aiding in the cost of:

     - Maintaining Moon Star's digital presence.

     - Maintaining Moon Star's official website, and personal domain.

     - Allowing for paid advertisements of Moon Star on other platforms.

     - Giving a little back to the team behind Moon Star.

How It Works


Those who are looking to sponsor Moon Star with a specific business, product, or show to advertise should reach out to us directly via our email with their sponsorship proposal. Please be sure to specify any details you would like included in your advertisement on our show, and any graphics we may use for additional promotional materials, such as social media posts and for the Sponsors section of the Moon Star website.

Additionally, all sponsors will be linked in the episode description of each week's episode that they have a paid sponsorship for.

Professional Inquires Only:



Don't have a business or product to sell, but want to sponsor Moon Star anyway? Even better! But wait, individual sponsors get special perks! What's more, you can become a sponsor for as little as $1 a month!

Tier 1 - $1 / Month

 Those with active Tier 1 sponsorships on the 1st of each month will have the social media account, personal website, or simply a name drop of their choice at the end of the first episode of that month.

Tier 2 - $2 / Month

All Tier 2 sponsors receive prior tier benefits, plus the opportunity to be featured on the Moon Star website. The social media account, personal website, or simply the sponsor's name will be listed here.

Tier 3 - $10 / Month

All Tier 3 sponsors receive prior tier benefits, plus the opportunity to be featured on the Moon Star as a special guest.


The episodes on which  members may be requested to appear as guests could be any of the following:

- Classic Moon Star: An episode during which the guest will participate in typical discussion about that week's episode, providing personal opinions and aiding in the recap of the show over all.

- Moon Star Specials: Here at Moon Star, we love an excuse to celebrate with a special. Whether it's one of our annual Halloween Double Features, a Deep Dive episode such as our 2023 Moon Pride Special, or us celebrating our first year of Moon Star, you know we'll find some reason to turn the moon-party. Tier 3 members with a special interest in participating in a particular type of special should reach out and let us know directly.

- Creator Spotlights: We are aware that some of those who might choose to donate at this level, may also be fellow Sailor Moon content creators. In that event, we would love to invite you to participate in your very own Moon Star Creator Spotlight episode! For reference, you can take a listen to our first Creator Spotlight featuring Kaosu Studios, creators of Sailor Moon Sacrifice.

Guest spots are scheduled based on what makes the most sense for the quality of the show, and may not always occur during the first month of sponsorship. Those participating in a Tier 3 Guest Spot must have a current Sponsorship in place at the time of recording and release of the episode. All guest spots by Tier 3 sponsored guests will remain on the Moon Star feed indefinitely, even if the sponsor discontinues their sponsorship. This includes links to the guest's social media and any other materials they requested to be included in the episode's description at the time of recording. Tier 3 Sponsors are guaranteed one guest spot per year of sponsorship (12 month cycle, starting at the time sponsorship begins). Additional guest spots may be offered at any time, but are not guaranteed.

Sponsor Moon Star Today!

Individuals wishing to participate in a Monthly Moon Star Sponsorship, select your tier below. We can't thank you enough for the support.

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